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UK Nursery of the Year 2009/2010

"Outstanding" Ofsted Inspections: 2010, 2013, 2014

Worthing Business of the Year 2010/11

Southern Business of the Year 2011/12


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Your childs' early years are an exciting time of learning and development which can determine their future success...




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Safe & Settled

We know that you will want to be sure that your child is safe and secure in our care and the safety and security of your child is our top priority, too.


Our staff policies cover all aspects of health & safety and we conduct rigorous checks on all adults working in the nursery. We train our team to follow appropriate procedures at all times and we carry out risk/ benefit assessments every day. Learning about risk is part of a child’s natural experience and we support children with appropriate challenges to ensure they develop their own understanding of what is ‘risky’.  The thing about our staff is they really love working with children and they always put the children's interests first.  



Settling into the nursery


Our staff will support your child's first few days in the nursery with great sensitivity.  Our Baby Room staff will happily accommodate your family's routines and as part of settling in we'll encourage you to spend time in the nursery - providing you with any information you need, cups of tea and apples to snack on.