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Food by Katie

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Mealtimes are really important social occasions so we treat them that way. We support children to be independent, to share with others and to talk with their friends.


We have an 11-day rotational menu (a really clever idea suggested by a parent) so if your child attends say, twice a week they still get a really varied diet and we change the menu each season. We use local produce and, if you let us know, we can cater for special dietary requirements.


Our cooks prepare three main meals and two snacks each day and we make sure they are nutritionally balanced.


All Milk is organic and eggs are organic and free range.  Where possible we use organic, free range meat. A small proportion of our food is grown in the nursery garden by the children.


Please click here to view sample meals from our menu

"Food" by Katie

Aged 4 years, 2 months