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Making Learning Visible 2011

A celebration of 5 years of children's project work at Reflections Nursery, Worthing, UK


For a week in early October 2011 Reflections exhibited children’s project work, based on their own interests, at St Paul’s Centre & Lime Cafe, Chapel Road, Worthing.


Starting in 2006 with our first project, "We get milk from goats, too"; to more recent projects such as; 'Crocodile!', and 'Light Everywhere' the exhibition featured 32 documentation panels; a historical perspective display; three TVs showing films of project work; and an interactive space for children and adults to experience working with black light.


The week culminated with a Professional Development Day for early childhood educators and artists which included presentations by educators at Reflections and visits to Reflections Nursery.


20 panels from the exhibition are on semi-permanent display at St Paul’s Centre, Worthing.  For more information about the exhibition or future Professional Development Days.

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