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UK Nursery of the Year 2009/2010

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How are we different? Well, we make a point of listening to children's theories and giving them the opportunity to test their hypotheses because we believe that's the way they learn. (We're happy to talk about this for hours if you'll let us).  


Our nursery is set in two buildings - a lovely Regency building and a gothic mock-Tudor building, both on three floors with loads of space, lots of light and huge gardens. We work hard on making the nursery environment inspiring by offering open-ended, natural and reclaimed resources for the children so they can add their imaginations and creativity. You'll see what we mean when you visit.


We won UK Nursery of the Year in 2009/10 (the only time we've entered the competition) and we were really pleased with what the judge, Wendy Scott had to say about us:


“Children have genuine choices and a lot of scope for exploration and expression in an engaging, beautiful and very well cared for environment. The creative and aesthetic awareness applied out of doors results in innovative provision. Staff take children’s ideas seriously giving them plenty of time.”


Wendy Scott 2009

Former Adviser to the Department for Education & Skills